Our dogs are part of our family and are involved in our family's activities.

We have puppies.

Updated 4/5/21

Mini American Shepherds are known by this name with AKC.  There are other registries that still use the names Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds.  AKC split the Australian Shepherd breed by size and the smaller size is now referred to as the Miniature American Shepherd.  They retain all the qualities of the Australian Shepherd in conformation, working ability, temperament and loyalty.  They are extremely intelligent & active dogs that thrive on attention & need to have a very close relationship with their human companions.  Lots of exercise is a must.  Male Minis range from 14" to 18" tall (at the shoulder) with Toys being under 14" tall.  Female Minis range from 13" to 17" tall (at the shoulder) with Toys being under 13" tall.  Minis usually weigh between 20 to 40 lbs.